Frequently asked questions

What is Gardenias Senior Living?
It's a residence for seniors in Mexico under the concept of retirement community. It includes a hotel type old design in our suites and apartments with every service included.
For whom is Gardenias for?
It is for seniors that wish to live and independent, supported life.
Are the apartments for sale?
All our suites and apartments are offeres under a rent scheme.
How much does it costs and what does it includes?
We have 9 different unit models with diferente prices and amenities. For this reason, we built packages that work for every need.
Our monthly rent includes the following services:
  • Meal plan
  • House keeping
  • Laundry
  • Group activities
  • Wellness and Health programs
  • Gardens
  • Recreational room
  • TV Lounge
  • Chapel
  • Library
  • Hot tub*
  • Gym*
  • Cafeteria
  • Movie theatre
  • Wireless internet
  • Business centre
  • Transportation**
  • 24h closed area monitoring
  • Emergency GPS in units, public areas and restrooms
  • 24h security rounds
  • Safety and assistance equipment services for seniors
**Transportation services are programed and between a distance limit.
What additional services do we offer?
Gardenias Senior Living offers a variety of aditional services on reasonable prices for our residents:
  • Assistance packages for daily living
How many square meters the residences have?
We offer residences from 23 m2 to 60 m2.
How many bedrooms do the apartments have?
We have one and two bedroom apartments.
How many apartments do you have?
64 residences between suites and apartments.
Can I share an apartment?
Only the ones big enough to do so and it has a extra cost per person.
How many parking spaces do you have?
We offer you space for 25 vehicles.
Where will I store all my belongings?
Every residence has its own closet according to the unit size that you chose.
What does the meal plan has to offer?
We offer a menu in all of our restaurants of breakfast and lunch speacially made by a nutricionist.
What fun recreational activities do we offer?
Social, spiritual, emotional, intelectual, physical and vocational. Some of our lessons are: Flims, threatre, history of Mexico, chorus, dancing, art history, physical conditioning, tai chi, brain gymnastics, musical therapy, behemian afternoon and opera house.
Can the residents leave and enter freely?
You can. If you will be out all night, it is recommended to mention it to the reception staff.
Do you accept people with illnesess?
Gardenias counts with the staff and facilities to treat geriatric illnesses. A medical and gerontological evaluation is done per resident, this helps us evaluate if Gardenias is the best option for your living.
Is it just for single people or couples as well?
Both cases.
Can I have visitors?
Yes you can.
Are the visitors allowed to sleep over?
Yes, all of the residents can recieve visitors at the time, hour and day that they wish. We also offer apartments with 50m2 completely furnished which are rented by night the same way as a hotel works for visitors.
Can you throw parties?
Yes you can, as long as it respects our community regulations.
Can I try for a while living in Gardenias?
Yes, we have trial rooms that may vary with time.
Do you count with handicap adjustments?
Yes, as long as they pay the required fees.
Can you modify the rooms?
In some cases and under the autorization and regulations of the commuunity.
Do the rooms include phone service and cable TV?
All of the residences count with 96 TV channels and a phone device qith local pone calls included.
How far is it from Downtown?
Gardenias is 15 minutes away in a car ride.
Do you allow pets?
Yes, one per residence and as long as it’s a small-sized breed.
Can we supervise a resident by the request of one of his family members?
Yes. We give families the importance they have and because they’re the ones that know the resident better tan anyone else, information and requirments given by them are extremely important for us.
What happens is one of the residents dicreases its capabilities or its not longer self-sufficient?
Gardenias Senior Living counts with a wide set of choices that adapt themselves to the needs of each one of the residents and accompains them in this moments of transition.
Do you have additional services?
Garednias Senior Living counts with the following additional services:
  • Laundry
  • Pharmacy
  • Trips
  • Dental and Ophtalmological check ups
  • Personal carers
  • Lunch for visitors
  • Beauty salon and massage services
  • Guest rooms with room services
Are the rooms fully furnished
The suites and apartments are provided to our residents ready to be occupied.
If a Resident requires a special diet, will Gardenias do it?
Gardenias Senior Living has nutricionists specialized in geriatrics, being able to plan special and balanced diets if required.
Where are you located and how do I get there?
From North to South (Carretera Federal 57 Qro. - San Luis Potosí) or East (Carretera Federal 45 México - Qro.), either way; you will steer all the way to the bullring (Plaza de toros) to the federal highway 45 to Celaya. You will see Superama supermarket on your left, right after that you will take the exit on your right heading to "El Pueblito" You willsee the signs, on that Street you’ll find Fray Nicolas de Zamora on your right.

The exact address is:

Juventud 12, Esquina Calle Fray Nicolás de Zamora, El Pueblito, Corregidora, Qurétaro CP 76900 México.
How can I get more information?
Give us a call (442) 309 5900, 3095904 ó 01800 504 5454.Or write to us: to schedule and appointment. Come and let's have a coffee, it's on us!

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